What’s the best way to supervise ABA?

Take supervision.
Add agency/university pressures.
Raise the stakes with BACB-compliance.

Are you measuring staff performance?

It’s frustrating when your caseload doesn’t leave you much time to build an evidence-based supervision workflow. If you have time, you can make it yourself. TrainABA, Inc. organizes curriculum to help with that if you just want to get started. The steps are outlined below if you want to see how your current workflow holds up.

4 Steps to Providing Evidence-Based ABA Supervision:

We listed the components below. Note that you can join the TrainABA waiting list for a pre-configured training website for your company that encompasses all of these items under one roof. If you want to make your own supervision curriculum, you should make your substitute for each step below.

Step 1: Get the book(s)


These books are for organizations and universities. Each book has a year’s worth of meeting agendas and curriculum. They work best when everyone has their own copies.
Supervisors and professors should have all three books (Volume 1, 2, and 3).
BCBA-exam candidates and practicum students should get Volumes 1 and 2.
Behavior Technicians should get Volume 3.

Step 2: Download the Tracking App

This one is free. Try the tracking app for RBT Competency Assessment and Supervision Meetings now even if you do not have books. The free version emails PDF reports.

Step 3: Choose SAFMED cards and Quizzes

For BCBA-exam Candidates: You can use web browser SAFMED cards for 4th Edition Task List preparation. For Technicians: You can use 170 quiz questions for RBT exam practice.

Step 4: Online Resources

TrainABA, Inc. announced a forum and community knowledge base for upcoming release. Both are based on Node.JS, which is really nice if you know what that is.

What To Do Next

Making your own curriculum is a lot of work. The nice thing about the TrainABA, Inc. version is that they have a license from the BACB for the task lists so they build the competencies right into the curriculum. If the curriculum does not have performance measures, there is not much point in having it. If that’s all you need, just use the free Google apps or share a DropBox folder for supervision paperwork.

If your company has a trainer and likes blending in-person supervision with online tracking, you can always join our waiting list for a pre-configured training website encompassing all of the above items. You would not need to figure out the curriculum, hosting, and systems administration; just the trainers and technicians.

The site is just for early adopters now. The prototype badges and competencies look pretty good but until it is released for general use it is still too early to decide.